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Home ownership in Australia is often a financial strain on the budget of the average family. To ease the financial burden, Australia has become a nation of Do It Yourself (DIY) people. This has enabled many people to have a go, but there are some jobs that are either too difficult for us to tackle ourselves or it needs a licensed professional because of safety and legal aspects. This is when you need to call in a trades person, also known in Australia as a Tradie.

Tradies have been given a bad reputation over the years. Like all professions, you get some great ones, some average ones and some awful ones. It’s unfortunate though you mainly hear about the horror stories rather than the good ones. As soon as you mention to someone that you need to get a tradie in to do some work, you’ll get three or more horror stories filled with drama, wasted money and frustration. Switch on any current affair news show and you’ll get stories about shoddy builders, rip off mechanics or dodgy tradies.

So you need a tradie but you don’t know what to believe. Well here are the top myths about tradies as well as a few truths.

 1. Tradies exaggerate the problem to make more money

The most common myth is that tradies overstate the problem to make more money. This can be before the job starts or after. Australian’s are becoming more financially savvy and often get three or more quotes for a job. Tradies know this and they will quote according to the job to be more competitive based on the work needing to be done, the materials required and the time it will take. Sometimes once a job has commenced it will become apparent that the job is more involved than first thought. Nobody can see inside engines or into walls without pulling them apart, so problems can be worse than first thought. Even surgeons, with all their modern x-rays and ultrasounds, often find problems to be worse when the patient is being operated on.

 2. Tradies do not give a fair idea of what the cost will be

A tradie can only quote based on the information they have. To give accurate quotes, accurate information is required and the more complicated the job, the more information is required. A lack of information on the job requirements can lead to a less accurate quote. Ask the tradie what information that you can provide to help them give you a better quote. In 123Tradies you get three quotes the same-day.

3. Tradies charge by the hour and do their work slowly to charge more

Most tradies will quote on a job which includes labour. It makes more sense that they want to get the job done as quickly as possible so they can go to their next job. Whilst there can be delays due to things like weather, other tradies or waiting on materials, it often frustrates the tradies more than you.

4. Tradies over charge you for parts and materials

This one pops up all the time in relation to all tradies. Normally the price of parts and materials is not determined by the tradie. The price of most parts is set by the manufacturer or distributor and is not in the control of the tradie.

5. Tradies make up problems even if there are none

Australia has a shortage of tradies which means there is a lot of work available for them. Often they want to get the job done as quickly as possible to move on to the next job. Standing around and making up problems will actually disadvantage the tradie. Also tradies are required by law to give a fair and honest quote and are not allowed to fabricate problems. Australian Consumer Protection legislation is some of the best in the world.

6. Tradies are always late

This myth is probably the most common out of all the myths. Most tradies arrive on time at the job site. As with all people, sometimes they can be delayed due to unforeseen circumstances. Often these circumstances are beyond the tradies control.

7. Tradies are rude

My experience with tradies and after discussions with some of my friends about their experiences, have been positive ones. Tradies often work for themselves and are aware of how fast bad news travels. To get more business they know their customer service has to be positive. Those tradies that work for a larger company often have customer service levels enforced by their organisation. Tradies are generally friendly and polite but even they can have bad days. Customers are rude more often than the tradies 🙂

8. Tradies will cause more damage your property

Accidents can happen but when they do tradies are often quick to repair the damage or organise for someone else to do it. Legally they are also responsible for any damage that is caused. Tradies are often very careful to not damage a client’s property as any repairs will cost them money.

9. If the price is low, the tradie must be dodgy

The price given in a quote is affected by many different things. The price of materials, time to complete the job, the environment where the job is and other factors all contribute to the overall price. Some tradies have developed better relationships with suppliers to get better prices for materials, whilst others lower their prices to increase their amount of business. Of course a tradie that is in higher demand can choose to increase their price as is the same with any professional.
The modern tradie is a far cry the horror stories portrayed in the media. Offer the tradie a cuppa, talk about what you need done and ask questions about their training, experience and qualifications. Before the job has started, ask the tradie what you can do to help them get the job done faster and to a higher standard. Often little details carried out by the owner, can save a lot of time and money. The tradie is there to work with you to achieve your goals. Utilise their knowledge and experience to your advantage!

May 12, 2015
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