Fantastic Building Works

November 4, 2015 4:22 pm
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Fantastic Building Works provides professional and unique designs to suit your lifestyle, budget and individual needs.
Country Australia
State/Province Western Australia
distance: 12,422 Kilometers

Fantastic Building Works

Fantastic Building Works provides professional and unique designs to suit your lifestyle, budget and individual needs.

We take pride in all our work and aim to provide exceptional service and work quality at very competitive and affordable prices.

First impressions always last, this principle does not exclude property whether it be for a domestic house or commercial project. We understand this and make sure this is an excellent impression that stands the test of time. With a great range of different types of decorative concrete. We at Fantastic Building Works are sure that any one of your projects we take care of will create a striking and stunning talking point.

If you require a plain concrete slab or are in need of an elegant driveway for your new home, Fantastic Builders will deliver high quality with lasting results. We combine the elegance of brick and stone with quality concrete to create a range of highly creative concreting finishes and designs. All our tradesmen are highly equipped and experienced using the latest concreting techniques for commercial and residential settings.

Decorative concrete may be the best option for you If you want to restore old concrete but don’t want to spend a fortune. Renovating your concrete used to be a highly expensive task and would involve ripping out and replacing entire concreted slabs. New technology advancements now allow us to resurface the top of your existing concrete to create a brand new look and feel at a fraction of the cost.

Protective Coatings:
We at Fantastic Building Works make sure when it comes to protective coating, we use only the best, Which is why we use Ghecko Special Coatings

The Stone age range uses Natural WA Stone in an innovative style to create an up – to date look for alfresco dining areas, family rooms, patios, verandas and pool surrounds.It can also be used indoors as a Natural Stone Carpet gently massaging your feet as you walk from room to room. This style can also be coloured to suit your decor.

Block Work:
With over 15 years experience in the industry Fantastic Building Works uses blocks that have been independently tested to prove they are up to three times stronger than natural limestone and easily meet strict design standards set by engineers who are specifying Archistone products.

Fantastic Building Works use Archistone blocks that are up to 60% more dense than natural limestone, which limits overall penetration of water and saline solutions that are the main cause of colour deterioration. The tighter the surface area and lower porosity of manufactured stone means that Archistone will maintain its colour under external conditions and is less susceptible to fungal deposits

Fantastic Builders are capable of providing you a total landscape package for your new or existing home which includes landscape services from earthworks, retaining walls, plants and turf.

We utilize the latest earth moving equipment. These include: mini excavator with all attachments, Bobcat, concrete cutting equipment and trucks for debris transportation.

We use irrigation and sprinkler systems that are designed utilizing the latest in water emitting technology delivering the most sustainable and water efficient irrigation sprinkler system available. Rain and moisture sensors can be fitted to these units to maximise efficiency.

All construction work is completed by qualified professionals. All work is fully insured, licensed and guaranteed. Fantastic Building Works is highly qualified and fully insured.

Phone Number: 0424 175 568

Areas Serviced

We provide our service in the following areas of Perth:
Armadale, Bassendean, Bayswater, Belmont, Cambridge, Canning, Cockburn, Fremantle, Gosnells, Joondalup, Craige, Kalamunda, Kwinana, Melville, Mundaring, Nedlands, Perth CBD, Rockingham, Serpentine, South Perth, Stirling, Subiaco, Swan, Victoria Park, Vincent, Wanneroo

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Trading Name Fantastic Building Works
ABN / ACN 13 155 241 562
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Country Australia
State/Province Western Australia
distance: 12,422 Kilometers
Address Perth, Western Australia
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