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Tiles have a certain elegance that can be used to help create your ideal space. Tiles can be used in many different ways, including flooring, walls and as decorative pieces and murals. Tiling is process where ceramic tiles are attached to a surface using a type of adhesive. Regardless of the style and look you want to achieve, a professional tiler can help you.
When selecting tiles, a tiler can help you choose your style and colour but also the finish that is needed. For instance if a tile is to be used on the floor, a tiler can apply a non-slip coating to help prevent slips and falls and injuries. Tilers can also ensure that you use the appropriate tile for the wall or floor. Wall tiles are usually thinner than floor tiles which can lead to tiles becoming broken if used on the floor.
Tiles not only come in different styes and colours but also different materials. Some of the more common tiles are:
- Terracotta: These tiles are usually raw and require sealing. These tiles are especially useful if you are looking for natural earth tones.
- Marble: Granite: Using the natural beauty of durability of stone, these tiles are often slippery when polished.
- Limestone: Can provide a beautiful and natural finish but is highly porous. Requires sealing.
- Ceramic: Made from clay, these tiles can come in a range of different colours and finishes. Many sizes are also available and can be purchased in sheets for ease of installation.
- Mosaic: Small tiles that are usually made of ceramic, glass or even stone. These are used in many different applications to achieve various effects.
- Porcelain: Due to their high level of durability, these are popular tiles to be used as floor or wall tiles. Available in different finishes such as polished, matte or natural tones, these can be used either indoors or out.
- Quartz: I very durable product that is available in many different colours and finishes.

What does a Tilers do?

Professional tilers can utilise their range of knowledge and skill to ensure a quality finish in your project. Tilers can:
- Quote & Supply of Materials: Tilers understand what materials are involved when tiling. They also allow for breakages that are part and parcel of the tiling process. After accurately measuring the area to be tiled, tilers can then order the correct materials as required for the job.
- Colour & Style Selection: Tilers, with the vast knowledge and experience, can help you select the best tiles, colours and patterns to suit your job. Whilst the pattern on the tile is important, the pattern used to install the tiles is also very important. Tilers can offer you the benefits of their experience to help you achieve a better result at a great price.
- Preparation: Preparation is always the foundation of any great job and tiling is no different. Professional tilers ensure that the tiling surface is flat and even prior to commencing the job. If the surface is not even, then additional preparation is required. This can include rendering or epoxy coatings on the floor to help create a flat and smooth surface.
- Installation: Installing the tiles is an involved process that a professional tiler has mastered. Depending upon the location of the tiles and the use of the room, different adhesives are available. The correct adhesive can ensure tiles remain affixed to the surface whilst helping to prevent cracking. Professional tilers are also proficient in using their specific tools to achieve your goals.
- Finish: Professional tilers can ensure the end result is finished to your requirements. This can include the colour of grout that is used to any additional non-slip coatings. Spacing between tiles can also be varied depending upon the application and desired finish.
- Removal & Resurfacing: Tilers can also remove old tiles prior to installation of new tiles or painting. Tilers can remove specific tiles to take into consideration modifications and renovations or they can remove entire sections. Additonally resurfacing is also possible to breathe new life into old tiles.
- Sealing & Waterproofing: Tilers can also seal the porous surface of tiles to prevent water getting behind the tiles. Additionally, before tiling, a tiler can waterproof the wall using a waterproofing agent. This can help prevent mould or further damage to the wall.

Choosing a Tiler

When choosing a tiler, there are a few basic checks that you need to do when to ensure a quality job with little stress.
1. Is the concreter qualified & licensed? Qualified and licensed tiler help ensure a quality job that is compliant with government regulations. Whilst licensing details do vary from state to state, ensure you check with your local building or trades commission to get the exact details.
2. Are they insured? Check to insure that they have the relevant insurance coverage for themselves and any work they do. This includes Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance.
3. Correct Paperwork. Written quotes and guarantees, certificates of installation are a few of the necessary documents that the tiler can provide. These should be provided at the completion of the job and before the tiler leaves the jobsite. These documents ensure that the work has been done by a qualified concreter and may be required for insurance, building inspections or on resale of your home.
4. Warranty. Ensure that you receive a copy of the tiler’s written warranty. This document will tell you exactly what is under warranty and what is not. Also ask what actions are required by you to maintain the warranty. This may include regular inspections or periodical resealing of certain types of concrete.
As with any other trade, ensure you understand what the tiler will be doing before they commence the job, how long it will take and the costs. Finally, ensure you get multiple quotes for your job and ensure the quotes are based on the same information for ease of comparison.

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