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Renovating, building or just need to patch up some holes in a wall, painters can bring expertise to the job that will greatly improve your results. Paint is a versatile product which can be applied to most surfaces inside or out. With a variety of finishes available and colours that are only limited by your imagination, painting is a simple and cost effective way to give your room a face lift.
Qualified and licensed painters are able to bring their professional knowledge and experience to play when painting your next project. Painters are able to offer advice on colour selection, paint finish as well as painting styles. Painters are able to utilise different methods of paint application, from rollers and brushes through to spraying with air compressors. As with each method, there are different methods used to prepare not only the paint but the painting surface. A professional painter will be able to prepare the surfaces correctly to ensure a great finish that will last.

What can painters paint?

Painters can paint a wide variety of object with an appropriate paint, application and technique.
- Building Interiors: A professional and licensed painter can prepare interior surfaces to help give the finish required. Preparation of the surface is the key to a great job. Painters can fill, sand, smooth, roughen any surface depending upon the finish requirements. Painters can also help with choosing the best colour (or colours) to help achieve your vision.
- Building Exteriors: As with interiors, professional and licensed painters can prepare the surfaces as well as paint. Paints used on the exterior differ from internal paint as they need to be able to withstand a harsher environment to maintain the desired look. Surfaces can include guttering, fences, brickwork, concrete, piping, wood or plastic. Different painting techniques and products can be used by the professional painter to ensure a professional job.
- Roofs: The roof is one of the most visual exterior spaces of your home. Getting a professional and licensed roof painter will ensure that you roof not only looks good, but also will add that extra layer of protection. Roof painters, as with all painters, can prepare the surface to ensure the paint will adhere to the roof correctly as well ensuring there are no holes and gaps. A painter can seal your roof and help protect your valuable investment from water damage.
- Finishes: Professional painters know how to achieve the look you want. If your thinking outside the box, then a painter can bring it to life. Finishes can include suede, satin, marbling, pearl and metallic. If your using wood, painters can give either cover it with your desired colour or use stains and lacquers to bring out the beauty of natural timer.
- Commercial & Residential Painting: Professional painters can cater for residential projects or the larger and often more complicated commercial projects. Regardless if it’s a shop front or painting a warehouse, professional painters can do the job.
Before starting your next paint job, take a few moments to consider a few questions that will help your painter turn a good job into a great job. What will the room be used for? How much natural light does it get? Do children use the room (messy fingerprints!). What look do you want to achieve? Lighter colours will give a sense of space whilst darker colours make a room feel smaller but warmer. Professional painters can help you answer these questions and guide you on the best use of colour, paint and techniques to meet your goals.

Choosing a Painter

When choosing a painter, there are a few basic checks that you need to do when to ensure a quality job with little stress.
1. Is the painter qualified & licensed? Qualified and licensed painter help ensure a quality job that will last for years. Whilst licensing details do vary from state to state, ensure you check with your local painters registration board to get the exact details..
2. Are they insured? Check to insure that they have the relevant insurance coverage for themselves and any work they do. This includes Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance.
3. Correct Paperwork. Written quotes and guarantees, certificates of work are a few of the necessary documents that the painter can provide. These should be provided at the completion of the job and before the painter leaves the jobsite. These documents ensure that the work has been done by a qualified concreter and may be required for insurance, building inspections or on resale of your home.
4. Warranty. Ensure that you receive a copy of the painter’s written warranty. This document will tell you exactly what is under warranty and what is not. Also ask what actions are required by you to maintain the warranty. This may include regular inspections or use of specific cleaning products.
As with any other trade, ensure you understand what the painter will be doing before they commence the job, how long it will take, protection of non-painting areas, clean up (including disposal) and the costs. Finally, ensure you get multiple quotes for your job and ensure the quotes are based on the same information for ease of comparison.

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