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Sometimes we have a job that needs to be done but it’s only small. It may not be complicated but for a variety of reasons we can’t do it. Sometimes it not enough time, sometimes its a lack of knowledge or having the right skill set. Sometimes the job doesn’t require a qualified tradesperson. This is when you need the services of a handyman.
To keep your home in great condition, general maintenance is required. This can be as simple as changing washer to stop a dripping tap, to replacing broken tiles on a roof A home handyman can do these small jobs as well as conducting inspections and preventative maintenance.
One of the benefits of using a handyman to do small jobs is that they can do multiple jobs at a time as opposed to hiring individual specialists. Additionally, handyman’ job rates are a lot lower than qualified tradespeople. This makes the usage an attractive option to many people.

What does a Handyman do?

Depending upon the skills of the handyman, most small and non-technical jobs can be done by a handyman. Technical jobs such as those involving electricity, water, sewage, construction or larger painting jobs, should be left to qualified and licensed tradies. Those who don’t use a qualified and licensed tradie to do these jobs, can face stiff penalties. These include fines, forced work orders and expensive repair bils.
Jobs that can be done by a handyman include:
- Plastering (small areas and repairs)
- Basic carpentry
- Cleaning services
- Gardening
- Minor reticulation repairs and installations
- Pressure cleaning of exterior walls, driveways and floors.
- Small painting jobs *
- Small tiling repairs
- Maintenance of decking and non-structural repairs
- Installation of small sheds **
- Roof and Gutter Cleaning
- Lawn mowing
- Change washers in taps
- Assemble furniture
- Minor landscaping & rubbish removal
* Check with your state painter’s registration board for maximum job size a non-registered painter can undertake.
** Check with your local council for the maximum size shed a non-builder can assemble.

Choosing a Handyperson

When choosing a handyman, there are a few basic checks that you need to do when to ensure a quality job with little stress.
1. Is the handyman experienced and registered? Experienced and registered handyman help ensure a quality job that will leave you with a positive experience. Ensure that any job undertaken by your handyman does not require a licensed tradie (eg. Electrical, plumbing, sewage, large painting jobs etc).
2. Are they insured? Check to insure that they have the relevant insurance coverage for themselves and any work they do. This includes Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance.
3. Correct Paperwork. Written quotes and guarantees, certificates of installation are a few of the necessary documents that the handyman can provide. These should be provided at the completion of the job and before the handyman leaves the jobsite. These documents ensure that the work has been done by an experienced handyman and may be required for insurance, building inspections or on resale of your home.
4. Warranty. Ensure that you receive a copy of the handyman’s written warranty. This document will tell you exactly what is under warranty and what is not. Also ask what actions are required by you to maintain the warranty.
As with any other trade, ensure you understand what the handyman will be doing before they commence the job, how long it will take and the costs. Finally, ensure you get multiple quotes for your job and ensure the quotes are based on the same information for ease of comparison.



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