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Electricians are a licensed tradesperson who have undergone training to safely construct, install and maintain electrical equipment and wiring in accordance with government regulations. Electricians undergo a rigorous training program and licensing process to ensure a safe standard of work. As there is a potential for electricity to cause severe injury or death, each state and territory requires all work on electrical devices or wiring be undertaken by a qualified and licensed electrician.

What type of work do electricians do?

As electricians deal with electrical items or items connected to electrical power, their roles can be varied. Depending upon the location of the electrical services, electricians can:
1) Install safety devices. Electricians can install safety devices that will not only protect the occupants of a home from electrocution, but can also prevent damage to electrical devices connected to the power circuit. This can include surge devices or “in-line” power filters. These devices prevent excessive power from overloading the circuit and causing injury or damaging devices.
2) Power Circuit Wiring. If you are installing, changing or repairing your houses wiring then this is a job for an electrician. It doesn’t matter if you are building a home or renovating, any changes to your electrical power circuits (including power distribution boards) must be made by a qualified and licensed electrician. Electricians can design and install new power circuits that can meet your demands. This includes adding or altering power points and light switches.
3) Electrical Repairs. Faulty electrical devices not only threaten the safety of your family, but also can cause fire. An electrician can replace faulty power points, wiring, light switches and light fixtures.
4) Smoke Detectors. Smoke detectors are required by law. An electrician can install your smoke detector to ensure compliance with government regulations. In the event of fire, a smoke detector will sound an alarm alerting you to the danger allowing you to evacuate.
5) Lights. A qualified and licensed electrician can install any type of lights you need that will compliment your home. This can be fluorescent or LED. With older incandescent bulbs being phased out, some fixtures can be updated to take advantage of the power savings offered by modern technology.
6) Test and Tag Safety. Electricians can carry out safety inspections of your electrical devices, circuitry or anything that connects to your mains power. This will help ensure safe usage to prevent injury or death and damage to property.
7) Solar Power. With Australian quickly taking up solar power generation systems in droves, it is essential the work is carried out by a licensed and qualified electrician. This can prevent any loss of power to ensure you get the maximum benefit from your system in a way that will ensure your safety.
8) Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) & Backup Power. With modern electrical devices (such as computers and phones) becoming more important in our day to day lives, an electrician can install UPS and backup power systems. This can help regulate power supply in rural areas or in areas that have frequent power issues. In the event of power loss, the UPS can give you time to shut down your equipment without loss of data or damage to equipment.

Choosing an Electrician

As safety is the most paramount concern, there are a few basic checks that you need to do when selecting an electrician.
1. Is the electrician licensed in your state? All licensed electricians must carry their electricians licence with them when working. Before you hire an electrician, ask to see their valid license.
2. Are they insured? Check to insure that they have the relevant insurance coverage for themselves and any work they do. This includes Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance.
3. Correct Paperwork. Written quotes and guarantees, certificates of electrical safety and installation certificates are a few of the necessary documents that the electrician should provide. These should be provided at the completion of the job and before the electrician leaves the jobsite. These documents ensure that the work has been done by a qualified and licensed electrician and may be required for insurance or on resale of your home.
Electricians vary depending upon the area you are in. Some electricians provide a 24 hour emergency service. These electricians do charge call out fees for their extended availability. As with any other trade, ensure you understand what the electrician will be doing before they commence the job, how long it will take and the costs. Finally, ensure you get multiple quotes for your job and ensure the quotes are based on the same information for ease of comparison.


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Thomson Electrical Group is a family run local WA business that prides itself on providing good old fashioned, reliable and friendly service.

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