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A carpenter is a person who is skilled at making or repairing wooden objects or structures. Carpenters can be found in many industries, including concreting, outdoor landscaping, cabinetry to building and construction. Carpenters go through an apprenticeship to learn the various aspects of carpentry before either becoming a general carpenter or specialising in a specific form. Carpenters can often be found constructing roof or wall frames on building sites. When it comes to internal fit outs, carpenters construct the cabinets used in kitchens, bathrooms and laundries not only in homes, but also shops and factories.
Whilst carpenters are often used to construct new items, they are also skilled in making repairs. This can include broken furniture, decking as well as altering roof, ceiling or wall frames to meet different needs.
Carpenters are also required to work in accordance with applicable building regulations. Getting a professional carpenter can ensure your job is not only done correctly but is safe and meets all government guidelines.

What does a Carpenter do?

Carpenters can do many different things involving wood. Depending upon their specialty, carpenters can achieve an array of spectacular outcomes that can assist you in creating your dream space.
1. Framework. This can include roof and ceiling frames as well as wall, door and windows. Framework can be found in internal spaces or house extensions. For instance, if you are looking at creating an additional room in your roof space, a carpenter can help with roof frame modifications, reinforcing the ceiling frame, create new walls, windows and door frames.
2. Install windows and door. Installing doors can be a tricky process as each door frame warps in different ways. Carpenters are trained to install a door, and its locks and hinges, correctly to ensure trouble free operation. Windows can also be replaced with either more traditional wooden frames or more modern metal frames.
3. Architraves and Skirting. Architraves and skirting help hide unsightly joins and gaps around windows and doors. Carpenters can install these in your home ensuring a professional fit and finish. These can be finished in a variety of ways, including being staining woo skirting to highlight natural timber colours or match existing furniture.
4. External Flooring. Carpenters can build a variety of external flooring to meet your needs. This can include large decks, raised walkways, ramps or wooden staircases. Other wooden devices such as hand rails and wooden barricades can also be constructed to tie in with your flooring choice. With a wide variety of materials and styles available, carpenters can meet any style demands.
5. Formwork. When it comes to concreting, formwork can make or break your job. Carpenters are able to use their expert knowledge to create wooden formwork that will give your concrete the finish you desire.

Choosing an Carpenter

As safety is a paramount concern, there are a few basic checks that you need to do when selecting a carpenter.
1. Is the carpenter qualified? Qualified carpenters are happy to let you know their previous work and education experience. Ensuring you have someone is not only qualified by also experienced in the type of work you want done, can save you a lot of money, time and make for a better experience.
2. Are they insured? Check to insure that they have the relevant insurance coverage for themselves and any work they do. This includes Workers Compensation and Liability Insurance.
3. Correct Paperwork. Written quotes and guarantees, certificates of installation are a few of the necessary documents that the carpenter can provide. These should be provided at the completion of the job and before the carpenter leaves the jobsite. These documents ensure that the work has been done by a qualified carpenter and may be required for insurance or on resale of your home.
As with any other trade, ensure you understand what the carpenter will be doing before they commence the job, how long it will take and the costs. Finally, ensure you get multiple quotes for your job and ensure the quotes are based on the same information for ease of comparison.



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