Home Security – You Could Be Next.

It seems every day we hear another story of theft or burglary happening in our beautiful Perth. But what is the likelihood of it happening? How can we secure our home to ensure that we don’t become another story?


The 2016-17 Western Australia Police Report has been released highlighting the cases of theft in 2017.


Burglary (Dwelling) – 26,909

Burglary (Non-Dwelling) – 8,951

Motor Vehicle Theft – 7,997

Theft – 86,468

Arson – 1,023

Property Damage – 36,971

Total Offenses = 168,319


Whilst those figures are staggering alone, it gets even scarier when you look at the likelihood of someone committing those offenses.


Offences per 1000 people;

Burglary (Dwelling) – 10.9

Burglary (Non-Dwelling) – 3.6

Motor Vehicle Theft – 3.2

Theft – 34.9

Arson – 0.4

Property Damage – 14.9


It’s scary to think that if you live in a suburb or community of 1,000 people (a small Perth suburb), there will be 68 offences take place there in the next 12 months.


So now we’ve scared you – how do you limit your chances of becoming the next victim? Most of it comes down to common sense and having a reliable security system.


Here’s our Top 5 list to keeping your home safe;


    1. Speak to a security expert and get an assessment of your home. From residential intruder alarms, CCTV and residential access control, through to roller shutters and dead locks, it’s important you take precautions to keep your family safe.


    1. Don’t blab. We all love a holiday or a new TV, but be careful who you tell. Social Media can make you an easy target when you’ve shared that your in Rome for two weeks and were kind enough to share photos of your house on your Facebook timeline. Likewise if you purchase new electrical equipment, dispose of the boxes discretely – a 70 inch plasma box sitting on the verge makes your house worth the risk!


    1. Don’t give away the keys to your castle – 20 years ago you could hide the key under a plant pot by the front door. Whilst your busy rushing after reading this to find a new hiding spot, our advice is simple – don’t. The safest place for a spare key is with a trustworthy neighbour.


    1. Light up the night – it’s hard to know your being burgled if you can’t see them. Minimise the appearance of vacancy by leaving the lights on inside the house and using sensor lights.


  1. Lock the door. Sounds dumb right? Most people don’t even lock the door when they go out, let alone when they are home. Think about how big your house is. It’s not hard to quickly walk in the front door, grab your purse and car keys if your out the back hanging out the washing or practicing that golf swing. Get quality locks installed and make sure your conscious of doors being unlocked when your home as well as when you head out.


We’d love to hear your tips and stories for keeping your home safe and secure.

September 13, 2017