5 Reasons Women Get Ripped Off By Tradies

We all hear the stories about women getting ripped off by tradies. So we decided to compile our Top 5 reasons women get ripped off to try in a hope that people will avoid these pitfalls when hiring a tradie.

The Phantom Problem

You may only have a small job to start out with but tradies will often say there is more to the problem in order to get more money out you. How do you tell if they are telling the truth? Ask for evidence. In some cases, there probably is something else wrong or causing the problem but if you’re unsure and don’t wanted to get ripped off, simply just ask for some proof. If there is another problem, they should have no worries providing you with evidence.

Don’t Know the True Cost of Works

You may not know the true cost of a tradie whether its way to expensive in price or unbelievably cheap. When something is low priced is too good to be true, it most likely is. While you think you are getting a good deal, tradies may be leaving out the important things like insurance and staff of their own who are experienced in the trade. This could be costing you more in the long run. Do your research to make sure you’re not being charged to much or too little and ask as many questions as possible.

The Charming Tradie

Let’s be honest; there are a lot of tradies that would fit in the ‘smooth talker’ category. Just like the telemarketing companies who call you relentlessly, or the sales person in the shop, tradies are there to sell themselves and their services. It’s important that you don’t let tradies “sale rep” cloud your judgement; ask for relevant trade qualifications, references, a copy of insurance and make sure you understand the true cost of works.

Sucked in to Paying Large Deposits

How much do we hear this story on A Current Affair or Today Tonight. Woman pays the tradie a deposit and the only way they can be found again is with a news team chasing them across Perth. Don’t become another sucker. Most tradies that the total works are over $1,000 will ask for a deposit. This covers the cost of materials, labour and unfortunately tradies are just as likely to endure customers ripping them off so it becomes an assurance. Large deposits should be a warning sign and it helps to familiarise yourself with the cost of materials for your job.

Estimated Costs Vs Fixed Price

In some cases, tradies will only give you their hourly rate. This way they can to waste time on the job and they are able to push the cost out. For a job that could be a simply solution and may not take very long, a tradie may try and drag it out to benefit just themselves. In order to prevent this, agree on a set price with your tradie. Once they have inspected the job and know what needs doing, there should be no need for an hourly rate as they should know how long the job will take.

At 123 Tradies we’re not just about providing you an easy way to find your local, trusted tradies; we’re here to help. Unsure what the true cost of works are or what is an acceptable deposit for your project? Give us a call on (08) 9562 7885.

October 18, 2016
  1. Kennedy said on April 3, 2017 6:17 am:

    Great article!

  2. Nicole said on June 18, 2017 9:45 am:

    Thanks for that, as a single woman first time home owner this is great advice!