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We connect you with professional tradesman who want to do your job. The beauty of it? It’s 100% free with no obligation to hire. Whether you need an Electrician in Mandurah or a Plumber in Yanchep - it’s as easy as 123! We have every tradesmen you could want, and if your not sure what you need; we’ll find the tradie for your job! It’s as easy as filling in our online quote form; anytime from anywhere. It takes only 2 minutes to complete and you receive 3 quotes from tradesmen wanting to do your job! Three quotes means that the tradesmen are competing for you job, meaning the price stays fair!

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Whether your at home, at the office or on the move 123 tradies strives to provide the easiest and most efficient tradie directory service on the market. So dont waste time searching or calling around to find a tradie and let us find the perfect tradie for you. 1 Simple form, 2 minutes of your time and we will get 3 quotes out to you the same day. Join the following today #123tradies.

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6 Tips To Keep Warm This Winter

Winter is finally here and we all know what that means; cold and wet weather. It’s not too late to winter-proof your home to keep warm over the next few months with these 6 handy tips from our expert tradies. 1. Seal up those cracks and gaps If you added up all the cracks and […]


The Hidden Elephant In Your Roof

When you’re in your home you want to feel safe and comfortable. Safety and comfort is not limited to door and window locks, reverse cycle air conditioner and comfortable furniture. Whilst these are important, your roof space can pose a serious threat to your family’s safety, health and comfort. Some of the dangers that lurk […]


Safety: Kids & Electricity

Our modern society runs on electricity. From charging your smart phone to powering the microwave, we have come to rely on it. Whilst electricity enables us to be more productive and entertained, it also has its downside. It’s dangerous. Growing up we learn how to respect electricity and handle it safely but young children though […]


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