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World Naked Gardening Day

Happy World Naked Gardening Day!   First of all; yes, this is a real thing. Unfortunately, Mr Turnbull hasn’t declared it a public holiday, but we have written to him and enclosed one beautiful selfie to sway his mind.   The Annual World Naked Gardening Day (#WNGD) is the first Saturday in May, and encourages […]


5 Reasons Women Get Ripped Off By Tradies

We all hear the stories about women getting ripped off by tradies. So we decided to compile our Top 5 reasons women get ripped off to try in a hope that people will avoid these pitfalls when hiring a tradie. The Phantom Problem You may only have a small job to start out with but […]


10 Spring Landscaping Tips

The Winter frost is no longer a threat and now you can get started on your spring landscaping! All winter long you’ve had the excuses of it being too cold or all you see is rain. Now that spring has finally arrived, landscaping, gardening and improving you house appearance is on most people’s mind. Depending […]